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Hey there,

It is the last Tuesday of July, welcome back to this space. In my country, we have been under lockdown for 42 days which are meant to end around this week. We however do not know whether it will be completely lifted or if we are getting more days in, we await the President’s speech.

The mood is mostly hopeful, anxious, uncertain for some people and others are finding solace in the ever present memes.

So I came here today to tell you about two things on my mind. First, my mentor asked all of us he is mentoring when was the last time we did something difficult. This was not the main point of discussion, it dropped by in passing but my mind is lingering more here.

I have been taking stock of my ‘doings’ and I almost settled for May. That is when I know I did something difficult, maybe someday I will share- who knows *add shrug* but this #Feed50FamiliesCampaign was no walk over either.

I just hadn’t sat down to really ask me how I felt about the whole process.

It was honestly a wide blind shot, the first days were not easy. I had to sit before my computer for hours writing to people, explaining to them, listening to everyone’s advice on what they thought we should be doing and what is not right bla bla bla only to get no support from them.

Some made promises, I had to go in and politely remind them. Talking to over 50 people individually in a day has never been so tough, damn! Being in the lockdown did not make it any easy either, there was no means of movement.

The girls I partnered with stay some good distance away from me so after fundraising, everything else rested on them, I am thankful to them for their resilience.

Being in that position as reflected in the images up there lol, it must have taken grace to run all the way to the finish line and I am all full of thanks to God for the opportunity but also for trusting me with this project. I can reliably report that it was a huge success!

Don’t let the smiles fool you, carrying another life in you for almost ‘a year’ is a sweaty climb, God bless the women! Even writing this blog has got me shifting in 1000 positions but I am not complaining, there is no better crown than being called ‘mom’.

Since I am a huge fun of celebrating every win no matter how big or small, I want to say to myself, Well done! I am proud of you.

I have grown to learn to show up no matter how I feel or how distracted I might be in that moment, often I hear that voice of counsel say,

“Do it distracted but just get it done! Results not excuses.”

I challenge you too to keep on the good fight no matter what is around you. We can only grow in the uncomfortable zones so sail off that harbour or safe zone into the unknown. May the Holy Spirit lead you and light your paths while at this adventure.

It is not fun and games. It is scary, lonely, confusing and everything else in between but when you finally make it to the top, there is no better view! The air here is even fresh. Climb on, cheering you loudly from my lane here too as I do the same.

The second bit was to share with you the campaign report or better still to keep it here for my reference lest I forget what my adventures have been in life when am all grown and greyed.

I partnered with two friends Josephine and Allen. They were the ladies on the ground as well since they live in Gayaza, our area of operation. Twice Josephine had to walk for an hour to access the wholesale shop in the area town where food was bought.

We would then pay a small truck from the shop to transport the food to a selected home where it would be weighed and packed into different packages enough to feed a certain number of families for the day.

A local pastor we were working with owns a motorbike so that weighed and packed food would be safely put on this bike and he would move ahead of the team to the homes while the rest walked more miles there.

See there were no means of transport available given the lockdown. I appreciate these ladies for weathering it all for the cause and also thank God for every person that somehow showed up without expecting anything in return to just help around in the process.

Those are some of the many families that were fed, we received more than we expected so at the end of the week we shall go back to add more food to those we had given less so everyone else could have something and also add 27 new families bringing the total to 83 families– oh the joy in my heart!

Thank you for giving to the Lord, for trusting me when I approached you to contribute something.

Please note that we are nolongerecieving donations as the target was hit, maybe next time. Thanks again.